October 2005 Vol Issue

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Colorectal Cancer: A Women’s Health Issue

Some gender differences exist in colorectal screening (CRC). A prior history of edometrial or ovarian cancer should reinforce the need for CRC screening.

Have You Passed Gas Yet? Time for a New Approach to Feeding Patients Postoperatively

What exactly is meant by “return of bowel function after abdominal surgery?” In a humorous and informative manner, Doctors Schulman and Sawyer review the assessment of bowel sounds and provide guidance for early post-operative feeding in general surgery patients.

Treatment of Oral Crohn’s Disease with Infliximab

Doctors Conteas and Romberg present a case of severe oral Crohn’s disease which is treated successfully with infliximab.

A case for you to solve.

CMV Induced Menetrier's Disease in an Immunocompetent Adult

Doctors Kassar and Barawi present a case of a 20-year-old immunocompetent
female, who was found to have Menetrier’s disease that was induced by
cytomegalovirus (CMV) infeciton.

Clinical Indications for the Use of Probiotics in the Pediatric Population

Clinical studies have reported beneficial effects of probiotics in many diseases. This article summarizes recent clinical evidence in the use of probiotics in children and includes data from randomized controlled trials when available.

HIPAA and the Privacy Rule: What Clinical Investigators Need to Know

Dr. Carlson’s article provides practical suggestions for incorporating require-ments of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) into the conduct of planned, ongoing or completed clinical studies.

GERD-Related Lung Disease

An empiric trial of lifestyle modifications and proton pump inhibitors is success-ful in identifying patients with GERD-related lung disease. Drs. Highland and Harding review the identification and management of patients with GERD
associated lung disease.