November 2005 Vol Issue

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Colonoscopic Surveillance and Burglar Alarms

Dr. Sachar writes “Simply this: I have installed an electronic surveillance
system to protect my home; I recommend a regular colonoscopic surveillance program to protect my patients while I wait for something better to come along.”

Conflicts Between the Leadership of Professional Societies in Gastroenterology and Big Pharma

Doctor Graham poses questions about the relationship between Pharmaceutical Companies and physicians and presents some thoughts on how they can work together without compromising that relationship.

Ostomies and Fistulas: A Collaborative Approach

Management of ostomies, especially those with fistulas can be very difficult. This article discusses both nutritional therapy and the skin care of patients with ostomies and fistulas.

A Case of Juvenile Polyposis Coli

Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome (JPS) is a rare syndrome associated with an increased risk of GI malignancies and it is necessary to distinguish it from sporadic juvenile polyps which are usually benign. This is a case of Juvenile Polyposis Coli which was correctly diagnosed and successfully treated.

A case for you to solve.

Safety Issues of Probiotic Ingestion

The authors write that “some probiotics have certain proven benefits and specific strains should always be discussed, much the same as specific antibiotics are discussed.”

Photodynamic Therapy: An Emerging Treatment for GI Neoplasia

The authors write that photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a safe and effective way to ablate neoplastic tissue within the gastrointestinal tract and elsewhere
in the body.