July 2005 Vol Issue

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To PEG or Not To PEG

William M. Plonk, Jr

Dr. Plonk writes that “in only four conditions has patient benefit from PEG insertion been demonstrated, and even in these overall advantage over NG use or medical therapy is unclear.” His article addresses these concerns.

A Rational Approach to Understand and Manage Hepatic

In his article Dr. Khan writes of the factors which precipitate Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) and the importance of preventing, correcting and managing these factors.

To PEG or Not To PEG—Another Perspective

Joe Krenitsky

As a nutritional support specialist Mr. Krenitsky gives an editorial comment on the pros and cons for percutaneous endoscpic gastrostomy (PEG).

Review: Biologic Therapies in Inflammatory

Authors Doctor Brown and Doctor Abreu review and discuss some of the most promising biologic therapies that are emerging in the field of inflammatory bowel disease.