September 2005 Vol Issue

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Gastric Electrical Stimulation: Who Are the Best Candidates? What Are the Results?

Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) is a treatment modality for gastroparetics who are resistant to standard medical therapy. The authors anticipate that this article will increase the understanding of GES as a major advance in the treatment of gastroparesis.

A case for you to solve.

The Clinicianís Guide to Short Bowel Syndrome

Individuals with short bowel syndrome (SBS) are some of the most challenging patients for health care practitioners to care for. This article will provide the clinician with a logical approach for maximizing the potential of the remaining bowel of an adult with SBS in order to reduce or eliminate the use of TPN or IV therapy.

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Most of the information on eosinophilic esophagitis has been learned from case reports and case series in children. As of late, more detailed studies on EE in adults has led to the development of more selective criteria with which to differentiate EE as a distinct and separate entity from GERD.

Gastrointestinal Surgery in Older Adults

Due in part to the improvements in anesthesia, perioperative monitoring, increased ambulatory surgery and advancements in abdominal surgery, the attitude toward surgery in older adults has changed. This paper will provide the clinical presentation and surgical management of common surgical problems involving the gastrointestinal tract in the older adult.

Sexuality Issues in IBD

This article by Dr. Dubinsky will provide the information to open up lines of communication regarding sexuality issues between clinicians and their IBD patients.