November 2006 Vol Issue

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Colonoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The actual diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is made by a number of signs and symptoms gathered from patient history, physician examination, radiographic findings, laboratory values and colonoscopy, Colonoscopy has assumed a central role in the diagnosis and management of patients with IBD. This article will focus on the present and future of colonoscopy in IBD.

Post-PEG Feeding: Why Wait?

This article will describe the available literature addressing early feeding versus standard feeding regimens.

Flare of Crohnís Disease in a Patient Receiving Chronic Tacrolimus Therapy: A Case Report and Literature Review

The authors report a case of Crohnís Disease (CD) of new onset in a patient being treated with tacrolimus for the treatment of renal allograph rejection.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches to Patients with Constipation

An evidence based approach can now be used in clinical practice for the evaluation and treatment of patients with constipation. This article will review the definition and classification of constipation, and give an overview of the recommended diagnostic approach and treatment for the practicing gastroenterologist.

Gluten-Free Dining Out: Is It Safe?

Some individuals on a gluten-free diet dread the idea of eating out. With the right educational support and encouragement a celiac patient can have the confidence to request gluten-free foods and enjoy dining out.