February 2006 Vol Issue

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Acid Suppression Therapy for GERD: The Devil’s in the Details, Part II

by Deepika L. Koya and Donald O. Castell
Part II of the article by Doctors Koya and Castell deals with the long-term maintenance therapy to assure quality of life and longer asymptomatic periods.

Dumping Syndrome

by Andrew Ukleja
Severe dumping can be complicated by malnutrition and associated with poor quality of life. But, most patients can be treated conservatively with dietary modifications. Dr. Ukleja reviews the clinical features and pathophysiology of dumping syndrome and provides guidelines for its management.

Clinical Significance of Helicobacter Heilmannii Colonizing Human Gastric Antrum

by Anup Hazra, Carlos Ricart and Janusz J. Godyn
This case reviews H. heilmannii infection and emphasizes that the existence of the H. non-pylori should be remembered when gastric biopsies are examined.

by Michael A. Papper and Bhavik M. Bhandari

A case for you to solve.

The Natural History of Barrett’s Dysplasia and Adenocarcinoma: Case Reports and Review of Literature

by Raja Shekhar R. Sappati Biyyani, Linda Chessler, and James F. King
The authors present two cases of Barrett’s esophagus (BE) each having highly variable biologic behavior, thus posing a management dilemma.

Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research

by William J. Tremaine
Doctor Tremaine writes that "the therapeutic trials in IBD must satisfy the rules of two masters - the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). His article explains these rules - the ethics and therapeutic misconceptions and conflicts of interest.