September 2006 Vol Issue

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Introduction to a New Series

by Series Editor: Henry P. Parkman
This series on GI motility disorders, written especially for Practical Gastroenterology will stress the importance of gastrointestinal motility disorders for clinicians, clinical investigators and basic scientists.

Gastric versus Jejunal Feeding: Evidence or Emotion?

by Joe Krenitsky
This article will evaluate the literature available on gastric versus small bowel feeding so that rational and safe feeding protocols can be developed that are based on the best available evidence.

Primary Low-Grade Lymphoma of the Rectum in an Asymptomatic Patient

by Manzurul A. Sidker, Shanti Srinivas and Sima Vossough
A case of a 62-year-old patient with rectal polyps that pathology showed to be low-grade B-cell follicular lymphoma.

by Visvanathan Muralidharan and Priya Jamidar

A case for you to solve.

The Importance of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders

by Henry P. Parkman and Sivaprasad Doma
Knowledge, evaluation and treatment of GI motility disorders is important for clinicians and health care providers so they can appropriately care for their patients. This article will discuss among other topics, quality of life, the association of motility with other disorders, evaluation of GI motility disorders and classification of neurogastroenterology and GI motility disorders.

Associations Providing Support for Patients

by Stacey McCray and Carol Rees Parrish

Introduction to a New Series

by Series Editor: Carol Rees Parrish

The Gluten-Free Diet: An Update for Health Professionals

by Nixie Raymond, Jenny Heap and Shelly Case
A strict life-long gluten-free (GF) diet is currently the only treatment for Celiac Disease (CD). This article will review the specifics of the diet that requires the elimination of all forms of wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives. Also covered - the use of uncontaminated oats and obtaining the necessary nutrients which may be lacking in the GF diet.

Celiac Medical Experts in the United States

by Melinda Dennis