October 2008 Vol XXXII Issue 10

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Functional Gut Disorders and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Comorbidity and Clinical Challenges

Heiko U. De Schepper, Joris G. De Man, Tom G. Moreels, Paul A. Pelckmans, Benedicte Y. De Winter

In this paper, the authors show that abnormalities of gastrointestinal sensory and motor function such as irritable bowel syndrome occur more frequently in patients with IBD and have a major impact on their quality of life.


Pancreatic Diseases in the Elderly

Bhavesh B. Shah, Katie F. Farah, Brian Goldwasser, Rad M. Agrawal

Pancreatobiliary disorders are some of the most common and feared conditions in the elderly. This article reviews pancreatic diseases with emphasis on disease and management in the older population.


Checking Gastric Residual Volumes: A Practice in Search of Science?

Carol Rees Parrish, Stephen A. McClave

It has been well documented that there is poor correlation between gastric residuals and gastric emptying. Yet, many clinicians continue to be influenced by tradition. This paper will challenge clinicians to think differently about the use of residual volumes in delivery of patient care.


Endometriosis: A Rare Presentation of Hemorrhagic Acites

Ankur Lodha, Thomas Klein, Diana Elish, Regina Tarkovsky

Endometriosis—the presence of endometrial glands and stoma outside the uterine cavity—is a rare cause of hemorrhagic acites. The authors caution that endometriosis shold be kept in mind in a young patient presenting with hemorrhagic acites.

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Book Reviews

Johns Hopkins Manual of Gastrointestinal Procedures; Second Edition

This is the second edition of this manual that intends to cover all of the gastroenterological procedures commonly used in a hospital setting and possibly, but not explicitly, in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

From the Literature

Relapse of IBD During Pregnancy: In-Hospital Management

To describe the treatment and response rates of severe colitis in pregnancy and to assess the effects of a severe relapse of colitis during pregnancy and birth outcomes, a case-controlled study of pregnant patients with IBD hospitalized for disease relapse at two large treatment centers was carried out between 1989 and 2001. Details of management of disease relapse and maternal and fetal outcomes were recorded.

Noradrenaline vs. Terlipressin in HRS

An open-labeled, randomized, pilot trial compared the efficacy of Terlipressin and Noradrenaline in the renal function and clinical outcome of patients with Hepatorenal Syndrome (HRS-1) and also sought predictors of response.

Medical Bulletin Board

IFFGD is Seeking Applications for 2009 Research Awards

IFFGD is seeking applications/nominations for research awards. The awards will be given to active

Study Shows that PillCam® SB Helps Doctors Treat Children with Crohn's Disease More Effectively

A study published in the July issue of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition found PillCam capsule endoscopy of the small bowel may enable more targeted and effective therapies for children with Crohn's disease.