February 2019 Vol XLIII Issue 2

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Part II Enteral Feeding: Eradicate Barriers with Root Cause Analysis and Focused Intervention

Carol Rees Parrish, Stacey McCray

Identifying issues that interfere with adequate provision of enteral nutrition (EN) and getting to the root cause of EN intolerance or complications increases the likelihood that patients will receive the nutrition intended. Part I of this series discussed the practice of listening to bowel sounds and checking gastric residual volumes as determinants of GI tract function. In Part II, several other barriers to effective EN are discussed, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, pain, constipation and initiation and progression of EN.


Transluminal ERCP using a Lumen Apposing Metal Stent in a Patient with Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Anatomy: The EDGE Procedure

Jay Dubroff, Douglas G. Adler

In this article we discuss the EDGE procedure, which provides the endoscopist another potential modality for accomplishing ERCP in the technically challenging RYGB anatomy.


How Globalization Changes the Microbiome

Skylar Steinberg, Sabine Hazan

The digestive tract's microbial ecosystem is tailored for specific geographic areas. Here we discuss how the rise of globalization has spurred a mass transition of the European and American microbiome worldwide, altering the unique digestive patterns and processes of other nations. We can partially attribute our global obesity epidemic to the decrease in microbial diversity because of a larger adaptation of a Western diet.

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Video Capsule Endoscopyand Crohn's Disease

A prospective, multi-center study was carried out to evaluate small-bowel capsule endoscopy (CE) for the longitudinal assessment of mucosal inflammation in subjects with Crohn's disease (CD). Clinical evaluation was carried out with ileocolonoscopy and CE at baseline at 6 month followup. Small bowel patency was confirmed before CD at both time points. The Simple Endoscopic Score for CD (SES-C), was used for colonoscopy, and the Lewis Score and the CECD Endoscopic Index of Severity (CECDEIS) were used for CE.

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